Stone Age citizens with spears for hunting - request

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Stone Age citizens with spears for hunting - request

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Dear community,

Don't go thinking I take this matter for granted: few of us are modding and I myself am of little help to anyone (as of yet anyway).
I am merely testing the waters here... in case anyone is willing to help, and you don't know until you ask!


I am working on a prehistoric scenario for the Developers' version of 1.5 (so, the modders' "go to" version).
This scenario is a testing ground for me: how to make a uniquely hand-crafted scenario, using lots of eye-candy (Loew's ambient pack helping), how to make a story-driven experience using scripts for things such as "create and give X unit(s) to player Y", broadcasting messages for things like objectives, broadcasting special (custom) sounds, and creating patrols of AI units, etc. In addition, actual modding will come into play: I want a proper lion (a male lion) in the game, for example.

One thing that vanilla Empire Earth 2 dropped the ball on is the prehistoric era: by default, the first epoch doesn't feel like the Stone Age - stuff ranging from unique units to siege weapons feel out of place, but can easily be modded out. I think the reason for this was "gameplay fun-factor first" and the official developers' decision to not make a campaign start in the prehistoric age (so they didn't flesh it out much).

(The Korean campaign starts during the bronze age, from a storytelling perspective, even if the game mechanically starts at the Stone epoch.)

As a result, what is relevant to the Stone Age was done in broad strokes: for example, citizens use axes for not only cutting down trees but also for slaughtering animals: that's ok for cattle, but retarded when it comes to hunting - spears would have been the main tool here, before the advent of the bow. The same is true for fighting amongst tribes.


If someone here would be happy to rise to the challenge, my request would be for citizens who - in the first group of eras (1-3) at least - make use of spears for hunting wild animals (instead of the default axes); by that, I mean a weapon similar to these: ... 2Large.jpg ... 4XTEjz.jpg ... 42287.webp

- Throwing the spear at target: the (prehistoric) citizen would have an attack range of at least 4.0 (default citizen LOS is 5)
- Spear throwing attack for wild animal hunting (i.e. vs deer, elephants, lions, wolves...),
- and if the distinction cannot be made, spear throwing attack versus livestock is OK too (cows...) - otherwise keep the axe for livestock slaughter;
- if possible, spear throwing attack also for fighting other humans (replacing the axe) BUT not against buildings (keep axe attack for citizen against structures)

- IF for whatever reasons, changing the default citizen to use a new tool for hunting (and fighting other people) is too complicated, then I will be content with a separate unit (a military one) that looks just like a stone age citizen but uses throwing spears to fight: I might simply call this unit a "Nomad" (in any case, the "citizens" in my scenario will be renamed, as the term "citizen" doesn't fit the stone age).

Hope that is all clear! It would be amazing if someone could do that, but even if such a request cannot be met, feel free to share relevant thoughts and tips (if any) in this thread :)


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