Help editing existing units / resources

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Help editing existing units / resources

Post by beredas »

what im wanting to do is edit unit properties in ee2 aos
increasing the citizen limit on resources and the amounts resources give for much less citizen micromanagement
what ive tried so far

following this webpage ... ing1.shtml

however when i make the edits to the resources.ddf and resources_ee2x.ddf and run the game theres no change
ive tried this with to developers version of the unofficial patch and the non developer version but having the same results

i am however able to make mods to other folders EE2X_db\EE2X_db\Simulation\Misc\territory.ddf
to change the number of defensive buildings allowed per territory

guess what im trying to say is some mods work others dont and need help with modding resources part

also would like to know how to add new units but using existing models
and maybe even making my own custom civ not using the ingame civ editor so i can add multiple civ attributes just for fun but need to do more research on this

hope this made sense since im not good at expressing myself in writing

Added after 7 minutes 59 seconds:
forgot to mention dont know if this makes a difference but the game was bought for gog

Added after 28 minutes 44 seconds:
reinstalling the game to see if this works without the patch

Added after 17 minutes 33 seconds:
works fine without the patch so apparently theirs some configuration i need to do?
very new to modding so just been editing the db files directly dont know how to name a mod or file structures and sorts
tried downloading some mod but the ones i found came with there own installer witch doesnt help me

help much appreciated

thank you

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Re: Help editing existing units / resources

Post by Dr.MonaLisa »

I recently wrote some differences between the "Normal" and "Developers" version of UP1.5:

Basically, the Developers version of UP1.5 should be pasted to a clean EE2 (+ AOS) installation. If you installed the "Normal" version of UP1.5 and then pasted Developers Version files over it, then obviously it won't work, because the "Normal" version files are still present.

So I would recommend to keep 3 backups (different folders):
1. Clean EE2 + AOS, without patches.
2. Clean EE2 + AOS + Developers Version of UP1.5.
3. Clean EE2 + AOS + Normal Version of UP1.5.
+ The folder where you're actually modding files in.

If you use "2", then the modding system is exactly the same as with the unpatched version. This is how Developers Version is compatible with all other EE2 mods.
As mentioned in links posted above, the "Normal" version of UP1.5 uses a changed files structure for certain files. It was required to support all language versions of EE2. Generally, original files from are not overwritten, but those edited are going to (or, and have a little different names (for example "_15" at the end). It's easy to figure out when you open those .zip archives.

For the "territory.ddf": viewtopic.php?p=19551#p19551
Dr.MonaLisa wrote: 20 Aug 2014, 16:04 With Unofficial Patch 1.5 you can edit file:
zips\territory.ddf (default: C:\Program Files (x86)\Sierra\Empire Earth II\zips\territory.ddf)
This file is used by both: Empire Earth II and Empire Earth II: The Art of Supremacy (expansion pack).

Code: Select all

maximumReq =
      typeCounts =
         { type = CityCenter   count = 1 }
         { type = AirDefense   count = 7    showInUI = 1 nameInUI = tx_utn_airdefense_tReqName }
         { type = CoastalDefense   count = 6    showInUI = 1 nameInUI = tx_utn_coastdefense_tReqName }
         { type = Fortress   count = 2    showInUI = 1 }
         { type = Wall_Tower   count = 7    showInUI = 1 nameInUI = tx_utn_walltower_tReqName }
         { type = House      count = 6    showInUI = 1 }         // @NOTE houses requirement is needed for various power upgrades.  please consult Andrew before removing it
         { type = Market      count = 1    showInUI = 1 }   
         { type = Outpost   count = 7    showInUI = 1 }
         { type = Temple      count = 1    showInUI = 1 }         // @NOTE temple requirement is needed for "Favor of the Gods" region power to work correctly.  please consult Andrew before removing it
         { type = University   count = 1    showInUI = 1 }
         { type = Missile_Silo   count = 4    showInUI = 1 }
         { type = Mgm   count = 1    showInUI = 0 }
         { type = AirDefense2   count = 4    showInUI = 1 }
         { type = Radar   count = 1    showInUI = 0 }
         { type = Machinegunnest   count = 7    showInUI = 1 }
         { type = Granary        count = 1   showInUI = 0 }
         { type = Airport3        count = 1   showInUI = 0 }
         { type = Market215        count = 1   showInUI = 0 }

Remember that if you're playing Multiplayer - all your friends need to use the same file to be able to join your games.
It's one of exceptions of files that are working fine without packing to a .zip archive. Those files can be found directly in folder "zips", and are usually read by both: EE2 and EE2: AOS (expansion pack).

Generally, modding on the "Normal" version of UP1.5 is not recommended. Modified files are always overwritten with Minor Updates. This is what helps keep Multiplayer in such a good shape. The "Normal" version is obviously better, because fixes more game crashes, that were related to mistakes in .ddf files. If you're modding on the "Normal" version, you'll need to backup and re-apply your changes after every Minor Update. With "Developers" version you most likely will never be editing files that are overwritten by updates.

I know it all looks annoying, but those differences have real benefits. We didn't have the files from all language distributions of EE2, so changing the files structure was the only possibility to keep original file with texts. As the "Unofficial Patch" it could not force English language for all players. That would be a horrible disadvantage :(
Best regards,
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