TUTORIAL: Map Editor - How to generate maps greater than 500x500

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TUTORIAL: Map Editor - How to generate maps greater than 500x500

Post by Dr.MonaLisa »


Minor Update 157036 (released around June 2020) brings the following fix:
- Fixed a game crash in the Map Editor "-->Terrain::CreateMap invalid parameters (Number1xNumber2 tiles).":
* It was appearing when attempted to generate maps greater than 500x500. The new limit is 5000x5000.
For stability reasons and other existing bugs (for example with forest painting), the default limits could not be increased in the official release. It means, that they must be changed manually by users who are attempting to generate greater maps.

This guide is for both versions of Unofficial Patch 1.5 (Normal and Developers).
Please note, that this manual modification will be required after every next minor update, because it's one of the core UP1.5 files, which gets always overwritten.


1. Open the following file with Notepad++:
* For EE2: zips\db_155.zip\db\UI\dbwidget_scenedi5.csv
* For AOS: zips_ee2x\EE2X_db_155.zip\EE2X_db\UI\dbwidget_scenedi5.csv

2. Find the following text:

Code: Select all

min=64 max=500
* For EE2 it should be:

Code: Select all

se_xy_x_edit,NumEditText,se_xy,0,,,,,35,42,0,0,56,32,spr_extradark_bkgnd,wfs_scenedit_edittext,,fs_std_small_white_hi,LeftMid,10,0,,,,0,,"""min=64 max=500"""
se_xy_y_edit,NumEditText,se_xy,0,,,,,35,82,0,0,56,32,spr_extradark_bkgnd,wfs_scenedit_edittext,,fs_std_small_white_hi,LeftMid,10,0,,,,0,,"""min=64 max=500"""
* For AOS it should be:

Code: Select all

se_xy_x_edit,SliderEdit,se_xy,0,,,,,35,80,0,0,205,40,,,,,,10,0,,,,0,,"""sliderWidget=se_slider editWidget=se_int_editbox sliderFirst=0 min=64 max=500"""
se_xy_y_edit,SliderEdit,se_xy,0,,,,,35,123,0,0,205,40,,,,,,10,0,,,,0,,"""sliderWidget=se_slider editWidget=se_int_editbox sliderFirst=0 min=64 max=500"""
3. Change "max=500" to any number you like (maximum 5000 without crashing).
* Please note, that EE2 is a 32bit application. When "Large Address Aware" is enabled by UP1.5, it can use up to 4GB of RAM, otherwise just 3GB. Attempting to generate a map greater than 2000x2000 will most likely throw "not enough memory", "couldn't allocate bytes..." errors.

Additional Information:

This modification is compatible with the "Import DEM..." option, so Digital Elevation Map Settings can use increased dimensions.
Maps greater than 512x512 have a forest painting bug, where trees are appearing only at the top-left side of the map. I attempted to fix this issue by reverse engineering, unfortunately unsuccessful. This seems to be very, very hardcoded and the limit is "decimal512" (float 103079215104.0). Something like this: https://books.google.pl/books?id=baFvrI ... at&f=false Any attempt to change it, even slightly, resulted in instant crashes. So, please don't report / discuss about this bug, unless you've found a solution for it.
Best regards,
Ministry of Game Affairs
Department of Control and Complains

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Re: TUTORIAL: Map Editor - How to generate maps greater than 500x500

Post by Gonzalo »

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Re: TUTORIAL: Map Editor - How to generate maps greater than 500x500

Post by calsch03 »

Wow, good work.
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