Create Maps for EE2 and EE2 AoS without crash in AoS

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Create Maps for EE2 and EE2 AoS without crash in AoS

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A Proplem is, that if you create in EE2 a Map, that there dont work in AoS. Thats shit. If you will play a map from EE2 in AoS, thats crash. Sou you theoriticly musst make in AoS the map again. But here is a help to prevent that.

That is maybe the last Tool from me. Have not more great new ideas, what i can make new now. ^^ But back to topic.
I introduce now the Empire Earth 2 Editor ver. 1.0. But why, asks now the peopel her. Why so a very old version? Now, the ground is that the maps from this version works not only in Empire Earth 2 but also in the Art of Supremavy. Aks not why, but is so. So i have now make a version from this editor as separate Download, so that you can work with him and don't must update your game. That means that this is a "light" version from EE2. But how work it?


Unzip the installation in a folder from you. Make a shortcut to desktop. In the main folder is folder called "uniws". Start the program in it, and patch with it the exe to you resolution. In this Editor version is my Maphelper. So edit the map.tga and the MapRasterSetting.ddf, if you create a realistic map. More is in this thread here: viewtopic.php?f=54&t=5263

How to use it?

Just start the exe, thats is modificatet with the fix programm to your resulation. Create with the map editor a skirmish map. Than put the map in map folder from EE2 and EE2 AoS. You can play now the map on both versions.

Important: The Map Editor have a flat sight as camera. To change, erase "myconfig.cfg" and rename "myconfig - Kopie.cfg" to "myconfig.cfg".



The map editor has been adapted and now has the assets from Ambiente Pack 2.


MEGA.NZ: ... 8Y7apRJUtg


Unpacked the 001,002 and 003 with 7-zip.

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