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Move all Buildings in Editor - "Mod for Mapmaker"

Posted: 20 Apr 2019, 14:44
by Loewenherz
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This is a little mod, that give you the possibility to move and rotate all Buildings in Editor. If you have installed this Mod, please dont select the bridge in editor, because the game than crash. So place the bridge on the map, and than use this tricky mod. You can use the mod, to create interessting Citys and give there a visual interessting Look and you can use the bridges for cliffs and sea and not allone for the river. :D

If you are finish, than overwrite with the backup file the mod. Bridges, Buildings and walls have now the actual position, that you have give in editor..


Make from the a copy. Open zips\\db\Units\ and overwrite in the units folder the building.ddf with this file here. Works also for AOS. Here you make that with\EE2X_db\Units\. Of course, dont forget the backup. For all falls, in the folder is a backup from me, but please make a own.

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