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Re: Aesthetic changes to game.

Posted: 02 Nov 2018, 10:22
by Loewenherz
This can make only Mona alone, i think. To switch files like .cfg or .csv in a separate zip folder, needs it to edit the exe with assembly. You can only put .ddf files in a new folder and read in a new .ddf file via dbunitfile6.cfg. :(

Unfortunately, we can edit this files not over the original The Patch have a compatibility to other Languages, so can there not mod directly this folder.

Re: Aesthetic changes to game.

Posted: 04 Nov 2018, 23:23
by Dr.MonaLisa
All "new structure" files are in and
I would recommend to edit on those files, then backup to some folder, then restore, etc.
If you don't want to move between folders, you can simply rename "" to "" and then "" to "", etc,
Game should skip checking of unknown extension files, and you should be able to play Multiplayer.

Re: Aesthetic changes to game.

Posted: 09 Nov 2018, 00:39
by gnleugim
Ok, got it ;)

Well, in the mean time I changed the first two wind mill base textures:
WindMill1.jpg (453.49 KiB) Viewed 543 times
WindMill2.jpg (382.83 KiB) Viewed 543 times
Using the sandy middle-east wonder base this time.

it would be also interesting to add more stuff around the mill it self. I have to pick up nif editor and see what I can do.

I was also trying the outpost, but to no success, no matter what I changed, nothing changed in game. Might know what it might be?

Re: Aesthetic changes to game.

Posted: 09 Nov 2018, 11:31
by Dr.MonaLisa
The sand looks quite better, but not so perfect. I think for windmills no under-texture has to be used at all :/

For outposts, a new file outpost_15.ddf is used from on UP1.5. However, I would recommend to avoid editing outposts. It's an unit that was always present in game. We avoid editing existing units (with an exception for epoch 15 stuff). Many people are used to original units as they are. We can't risk changing the original gameplay. It could make some people (especially on Multiplayer) dislike changes.

Re: Aesthetic changes to game.

Posted: 01 Dec 2018, 23:49
by Dr.MonaLisa
Water Well / Water Tower - approved.
Granary / Botanic Module - approved.

Windmill still looks a little bit weird. Would it be possible to use this color instead?
WindMill2.jpg (385.18 KiB) Viewed 518 times
Would be perfect then.

Also, did you find any other units that require modifications? Are Bunker, Hospital, Radar, Ballistic Missle Silo, Turrets, Anti-Missile Defense OK?

Thanks for help. I'm recently more and more bad with graphics stuff.

Re: Aesthetic changes to game.

Posted: 02 Dec 2018, 01:06
by gnleugim
Hello there.

To change to that colour instead I believe a texture would need to be created. Regarding the other buildings, I was actually looking into the models too, namely trying to uniform the size of them, because when you change age, the building is very different from last one, at least from the footprint perspective.

Unfortunately lately my time is limited due to some familiar issue, I hope to resume work on this soon.

Re: Aesthetic changes to game.

Posted: 02 Dec 2018, 01:25
by Dr.MonaLisa
Thanks for your reply. Take your time, it can be done anytime. No hurries. Just remember to backup files before installing minor updates.

For the texture - the "grass" already has it, so at least the .tga / texcache / .bmp file can be used. Not sure what else needs to be edited. I'll check that somewhen in December.