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List of tutorials, useful threads and utilities (look here before posting)

Posted: 06 Oct 2018, 18:13
by Loewenherz
I have decided to compile a list which brings all tutorials around Empire Earth 2 from modding until the scenario scripting, in one convenient place. My ultimate goal is to have every walkthrough available here,but it will take some time, so please bear with me.

Useful threads

A thread over the Scenario scripting: Here
Making a scenario using "Regicide" type of victory: Here
Tint fix for Terrain: Here


Link a script to a scenario: Here
Multiple choice for story options in Scenarios: Here
Create Periodic or one shot Timers with Gameticks: Here
.IES Scripting - Solution for not working function HasTextBeenTyped( const char *in_szText): Here


Empire Earth 2 - Auto-Balancer by Matthew Nordhaus: Here
EE2 IES Scripts - Notepad ++ User Defined Language: Here
Picture for Map Creating Tool for EE2 and EE2X: Here
IES Script Collection - Examples: Here
NifSkope - Tool for 3D models in EE2: Here
Move and rotate Buildings: Here
Create Maps for EE2 and EE2 AoS without crash in AoS: Here
DEM - How to generate EE 2 maps with GDAL: Here