Map pack for Patch (EEII AOS). (by Dreadtania)

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Map pack for Patch (EEII AOS). (by Dreadtania)

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Information for Unofficial patch 1.5 users:
This map pack is already available in Unofficial Patch 1.5. You don't need to download this pack if you installed the patch.

A map pack containing a total of 10 finished maps for Empire Earth II Age Of Supremacy.
More maps will follow so stay tuned.

They are mainly built for playing against computer opponents however should do fine when playing against real humans ;)

These maps has been set up with starting positions, computer controlled players are set up to be tricked in what type of map they are playing (to make them construct docks or bridges and/or build city walls etc.).

All maps have been built with care and are tested so there should (almost) be no bugs whatsoever.
They are set up so they don't show up as 'untitled' in the custom map list. (name has been set up in Mission Properties).

To finish, I made up a nice txt file with important info about these maps, this info is included at the bottom of this post.
Have fun with them and if problems should come up, or if you have some great map ideas for me to build? email me at:

Contains all mentioned maps
(1.93 MiB) Downloaded 543 times

Maps in pack so far:
-A Far End
-Continental war
-Continents Redefined
-Desert Edge
-Pangea Pleasure
-Paradise One
-Peaceful Plains
-The Stretch
-Unfair Advantages
-Arena map series (still in progress)

Map info:

Map name: A Far End.
Size: Medium
Layout: Stretched (100x500)
Resource layout: Clustered
Players: 1 to 2
Territory count: 18
Est. playtime: 1 to 3 hours*
Descriptions: Once build as to test stretched playmode, this medium map was never finished up till now. Contains water in the middle with land on both sides.
Don't expect too much of this map as it wasn't meant to be playable in the first place.

Map name: Coastline.
Size: Big
Layout: Square (300x300)
Resource layout: Semi-random
Players 1 to 7
Territory count: 18
Est. playtime: 2 to 5 hours*
Descriptions: This map was made early on trying to make use of what i knew of map making, even though this map is fairly good (not looking at details).
Map contains a big sea (with islands) a large stretch of land divided by rivers. I've tweaked around a bit to bring it back up-to-date.
This map should entertain you for a few hours. Computer controlled players are set to play Pangea style map layout.

Map name: Continental War.
Size: Medium
Layout: Stretched (100x500)
Resource layout: Clustered & Random
Players: 1 to 2
Territory count: 36
Est. playtime: 1 to 3 hours*
Descriptions: A map made later on, when experience found its way to me, yet I had to tweak the rivers so bridge building could be possible.
There's a stretch of sea with something fishy swimming around in it, animals clustered in herds grazing around, with a possibility of predators snooping around.
3 rivers divide the land in 4 parts, each with it's unique properties.
But to be honest this map is really fun to play if you're going for a 2 player battle for more.
As usual the computer controlled player thinks the map has a Pangea layout.

Map name: Continents Redefined.
Size: Big
Layout: Stretched (100x500)
Resource layout Clustered & Random
Players: 1 to 4
Territory count: 24
Est. playtime 3 to 6 hours*
Descriptions: A map I really love (if I have to say so myself). I had a lot of hard work being put into the making of this very diverse map.
From Plains to the sea to the mountains to the desert, this map takes you everywhere, with yet enough building ground to start with.
Special resources like Oil and Uranium are scarce and (only if you are lucky) can be found near you depending on where you spawn.
Even though this map supports up to 4 players it is best played with only 2 player, as it's design could make it hard to share everything with 2 extra players snooping around.
Tip: keep an eye out for those hard to find spots up in the mountains, some of them are only reachable through air support.

Map name: Desert Edge.
Size: Medium
Layout: Square (200x200)
Resource layout: Clustered
Players: 1 to 2
Territory count: 35 (of which 4 unobtainable)
Est. playtime: 2 to 4 hours*
Descriptions: After building a lot of grass-like maps I thought a desert orientated map would do well, keeping in mind that I wanted to make this a city builder map.
As of the Unofficial Mona Lisa patch it was now possible to build all kind of Egyptian buildings so a desert map would do well with those.
The name Desert Edge will fit just right when looking at it, coastal areas together with a sea on two sides define the 'edge' of a desert.
The rivers are not meant for bridge building but are designed for traveling by boat, the map consists of 3 buildable spaces with some small sandbanks in between.
Computer controller players are set to build as if they are on a Continent style map, which it actually is in some sort of way.
Be aware of your resources, minerals are easily found near the starting points, oil and uranium have their designated hotspots, wood however will be harder to come by later ingame.

Map name: Pangea Pleasure.
Size: Small
Layout: Square (300x300)
Resource layout: Semi-random
Players: 1 to 4
Territory count: 20
Est. playtime: 1 to 3 hours
Descriptions: This rather easy to play map is ment for quick games, best played with 2 players but up to 4 players are supported (which will make for crowded gameplay).
The map is like a standard Pangea map but differs on a few point. Computer controlled players play like they are on a Pangea style map.
Not much more to say about this map, only that I made this one in less than half an hour.

Map name: Paradise One.
Size: Small to Medium
Layout: Square (200x200)
Resource layout: Semi-random
Players: 1 to 2
Territory Count: 44 (of which a few unobtainable)
Est. playtime: 2 to 4 hours*
Description: Paradise One is one of those maps that stands out compared to the other maps i made, it is not really a map for use against computer controlled players.
It is part city building (although it lacks big building spaces) and part standard gamemode in which you simply destroy the opponent.
This map was build to support two human player and has some build in features like a pre-built hill and a mountain to construct your very own fortress.
There is also a lot of variation in biomes, from plain to forests to desert etc.

Map name: Peaceful Plains.
Size: Very Big
Layout: Square (500x500)
Resource layout: Semi-random
Players 1 to 10
Territory count: 300
Est. playtime: 2 to 6 hours*
Descriptions: A map made a while ago, contains a lot of build space (good for city building gameplay) comes equipped with a small stretch of sea (overpopulated with fish).
Rivers which divide the land into 8 plots, there is a endless supply of wood in one side of the map.
Computer controlled players are tricked into playing on a Pangea layout, to make them build docks and bridges.

Map name: The Stretch.
Size: Very Big
Layout: Stretched (500x200)
Resource layout: Random & Clustered
Players 1 to 6
Territory count: 44 (of which a few unobtainable)
Est. playtime: 2 to 6 hours*
Descriptions: After some stretched map layouts I wanted to make the ultimate version, here it is. A layout that takes you from the lower plains to high up the dark mountains, a sea in between keeps two plots of land separated.
A total of 6 players can be supported on this map.

Map name: Unfair Advantages.
Size: Big
Layout: Square (300x300)
Resource layout: Clustered
Players 1 to 10
Territory Count: 25
Est. Playtime: 2 to 4*
Descriptions: One of the latest maps i build, contains different biomes, plains, mountains, desert you name it. This map was built to support 2 to 4 players although a max of 10 is possible (but not advised).
The challenge in this map is (why it it named this way) the unfair advantages that every player gets, some will get lots of building area but lack of specific resources, others have it the other way around.
The map itself is made up of 3 buildable lots divided by rivers and a small sea, when playing with 4 players, 2 of which will share one plot of land while the other 2 have separate space for their own.
In testing this map i found out that the computer controlled player does make use of docks but they lacked bridge building (seen only one bridge been built)

Extra information:
* Estimated playtime can differ from person to person, in this case it is more of a indication for how long you stay amused while playing the map together with the size of the map.
Size and Layout differ from each other, some layouts are the same but size may vary, this has to do with buildable space, in which some maps contain more water of mountains, which limit 'expansionable' space.
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Re: Map pack for Patch (EEII AOS). (by Dreadtania)

Post by Dr.MonaLisa »

Thanks for the maps! They're pretty nice!
Those maps will be included to the next minor update of Unofficial Patch 1.5 (ver which will be released in July 2017 (or maybe even earlier). So people who read this topic after July 2017 and use UP1.5 don't need to download the .zip file - just load those maps.
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