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Empire Earth II Official Patch 1.2

Posted: 26 Feb 2013, 05:49
by Dr.MonaLisa
Empire Earth II Official Patch 1.2 for every language version

It's recommended to use Unofficial Patch 1.5 instead:
Unofficial Patch 1.5 fixes compatibility with newest Windows (8 / 8.1 / 10) versions, adds new features to game, re-enables online Multiplayer Lobby, supports all screen resolutions, uses DirectX 9 (instead of DirectX 8) and fixes game crashes.

Download manually:

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English (Digital Distribution):

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Or by: Online Installer:
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version: 1.1:
- Resolved GameSpy lobby issues.
- Added autopatch functionality.
- Addressed some lag issues.
- Fixed AI's not epoching up.
- Added random epoch start/end setting.
- Added hotkeys config dialog.
- Game Pace can be saved/loaded.
- Game Pace immobile defense modifier added.
- Improved NAT negotiation
- Fixed AI formation crash
- KOTH and Hotspots can now be played on custom maps. Editor can make KOTH/Hotspots maps.
- End of game stats can be saved.
- Fixed crash upon completion of the game with an observer in game.
- Fixed crash when building stockade in Conquest game.
- Fixed crash when AI took over units after player resigned.
- Fixed crash when running spies past Russian City Center in American 6.
- Fixed crash when capturing building or unit with attack cursor over it.
- Fixed crash when trees are placed on the left side or the bottom in Map Editor.
- Fixed out of sync when observer epoched up after researching techs.
- Fixed Hill being removed when owning player leaves.
- Improved 56k modem hosting stability.
- Fixed crash in Gamespy lobby when clicking rapidly through the rooms.
- Fixed non progression in American 2 if Romagne and Cunel are taken at exactly the same time.
- Fixed AI attacking roads for no reason.
- Fixed Sweden not attempting to capture Berlin in German 5.
- Fixed Livonians attacking blue even they are on same team in German 1.
- Fixed AI not recapturing Hill in KotH games.
- Fixed citizens all to going to one tree when assigned to harvest wood in Citizen Manager.
- Fixed instances where not all heavy infantry will attack a building if large group given an order to attack.
- Fixed instances where AI units will attack the capitol in Capitols and Allied Capitols games.
- Fixed instances where AI wasn't using Lost City when being attacked.
- Fixed citizens not getting reassigned after building a farm.
- Fixed instances where not all units are removed from player who loses game (Regicide).
- Fixed AI taunting players that have been knocked out of the game and are observing.
- Fixed instances where AI will use multiple spies to sabotage a building.
- Corrected Teutonic Crusaders converting with rapid animation.
- Corrected Medic's accelerated animation when multiple medics are present.
- Fixed citizens gathering food from dead animals using tree gathering animation.
- Fixed instances where Oil Rig will not animate if built in full screen map.
- Fixed citizens beginning animations and snap to end when save/loading.
- Fixed instances where Net Fire Launcher plays pack up animation while unpacking.
- Fixed planes being affected by weather before takeoff.
- Fixed moving units reverting to moving with idle animation when game is saved then loaded.
- Fixed Blackworth's HERC shooting missiles from the back of its missile launchers.
- Fixed fire and smoke on damaged buildings animating rapidly while in examine map mode.
- Corrected Fusion Caster not rotating to match its firing direction.
- Fixed instances where units walking through gates while off-camera will cause gates to show close animation.
- Corrected Epoch 2 Trade cart movement animation.
- Restored Trading Galleys' death animation.
- Improved visibility of fish through water on GeForce cards.
- Corrected persisting "starburst" after EIFV explosion.
- Corrected synchronized packing animation of multiple Mobile Rocket Launchers.
- Corrected trajectory of EIFV missile launches.
- Reduced Assault Tanks clipping while turning over hilly terrain.
- Fixed Trebuchet projectiles bouncing off of top of screen.
- Fixed truncated narration in Korea 7 ending cinematic.
- Fixed instances where Ninja are incapable of performing Restore.
- Fixed Italy acknowledging tribute of Venice when to a different player in German 8.
- Fixed instances where construction Sites can be attacked, but not destroyed.
- Fixed instances where computer opponents retain crowns after restarting a scenario.
- Removed artillery and tanks' ability to be garrisoned in wall towers.
- Provided visibility for King's Aura under influence of Lost City.
- Corrected cost of wall tower upgrades in foreign territories.
- Reduced sea trading vessels clipping through land.
- Fixed Hill territory tributing message error in King of the Hill.
- Reconciled Hades abilities in its tooltip.
- Fixed artillery units moving before they are packed up.
- Included Oil and Uranium gathering is not included in Resource Rights in Diplomacy
- Citizens will now build when rally point is set on a construction site.
- Removed player's ability to attack a controlled King of the Hill monument.
- Corrected attack cursor showing items under fog of war as valid targets.
- Corrected Quickstart dock placement/substitution in different map types.
- Improved garrison flag functionality.
- Corrected unit facing behavior.
- Improved map forestation.
- Fixed boats shadows.
- Fixed troops unloading when paratrooper plane is shot down over sea.
- Improved Lost City functionality.
- Fixed tributed units' exemption from Border Permissions.
- Fixed helicopters interfering with building construction.
- Improved distribution of special resources on maps.
- Corrected size of AA missiles at initial firing.
- Corrected size of bombs from bombers at initial dropping.
- Improved shadow alignment of vehicles on Very High and Extreme settings.
- Fixed King's Aura when garrisoned then ungarrisoned.
- Corrected smoke trail on nuclear missile.
- Fixed units not leaving tracks.
- Corrected alpha issues with Workshop roof.
- Fixed line distortions on water when using a GeForce card on the highest graphical settings.
- Corrected alpha issues with Epoch 1 Barracks.
- Corrected Epoch 13 Western City Center transparency issues.
- Corrected walls appearing damaged when connecting to other wall.
- Fixed Epoch 4-6: Western Female citizens not rendering silhouettes behind buildings.
- Improved Citizen rendering during blizzard.
- Fixed graphical issues with blue glow under bombers.
- Fixed explosion graphic issues around Herc.
- Fixed instances of bridges being visible in unexplored areas.
- Fixed war plans extending beyond the bounds of the minimap.
- Fixed triangular/rectangular shadow mismatch.
- Fixed instances of trees disappearing when attacking with all troops and artillery.
- Hooked up Wolf death animation.
- Fixed MI-6 Agents ability to perform Restore.
- Improved multiplayer ping updating.
- Fixed timed treaties showing game timer, not treaty duration.
- Fixed switching game types not being reflected on loading screen.
- Fixed same territory being proposed to multiple players.
- Fixed buildings from being captured from behind a wall.
- Fixed assert when AI wins sole survivor game and host is observing.
- Fixed icon_formation_Column warning.
- Improved terrain leveling for building placement.
- Fixed instances where building sites appear as critically damaged when loaded from a save game.
- Added default filename for Skirmish and Multiplayer saved games.
- Fixed aircraft looping engine noises when loading from a saved game.
- Fixed instances where trying to ungarrison a unit that is blocked will warn all players.
- Added "Missile Interception Successful" will be shown when launching your own missiles.
- Added client notification if Co-Op Teams/Sole Survivor/Locked Teams is selected.
- Fixed scroll bar resetting to top if someone types while chat history window is open.
- Reduced continuous "You are under attack!" message to player when a building is being captured.
- "Counter" button in multiplayer Diplomacy dialog now highlights on change
- Nuclear missiles now appear on mini map.
- Fixed Clear Chat Messages hotkey.
- Increased text limit on chat messages.
- Fixed assert while holding shift while patrolling.
- Improved building placement behavior.
- Made patrol point visibility more consistent for selected/unselected units.
- Fixed error when clicking on units or UI as an observer.
- Fixed team listing in Co-op multiplayer games.
- Fixed units clipping through the ground when fleeing from a destroyed bridge.
- Fixed dual projectile problem when Stone Thrower reloading.
- Fixed collision radius on Western Citizens.
- Fixed Scenario Information tabs highlight when moused over.
- Fixed graphic anomaly when heavy missile helicopters fire.
- Fixed instances where Missiles from aircraft circle around dock.
- Fixed two cursors appearing in game if user logs in as a different user, then logs back into original account.
- Fixes to text/UI truncation problems.
- Scenario improvements.
- Spelling corrections.
Version 1.2:
- New GameSpy lobby
- Added ladder and rankings system
- Added cut / paste functionality to in-game lobby
- Increased character buffer to accommodate longer chat messages for in-game lobby
- Added end-user scenario scripting system
- Added documentation / example for making scripted scenarios (located in Scripting Docs folder)
- Added bonus skirmish maps
- Added an option for a simplified hot key map
- CTRL+ALT+S will save the game
- Ctrl+Alt+Q quit to main screen from anywhere
- Geography defaults to Random in skirmish setup
- Added Random options for Rivers, Forestation, and Elevation (all default to Random)
- Added an option to save favorite skirmish settings
- Added profanity chat filter
- Improved unit balance
- Animals provide more food
- Wall / tower sections can be selected more easily
- All selected Wall Connectors will now upgrade to Wall Towers when the upgrade is selected, within resource and territory limits
- Fixed bug with Attack Move where Ctrl+Right-Click with an enemy under the cursor was interpreted as an Attack order
- Fixed Helicopters getting stuck on bridges
- Fixed user's online name appearing as (null) to other players
- Fixed incorrect unit titles in stats across multiple epoch games
- Added epoch name to next epoch numerals
- Fixed dead animal reappearing / replaying animation
- Fixed team placement on continents
- Fixed HERCs firing sound / ammo type issue
- Game won't launch game if everyone is set as an observer
- Updated art for modern Turkish infantry units
- De-intensified weather effects for better visual recognition of units and buildings
- Disabled scroll reset when new text is added to chat box
- Fixed citizens not continuing to hunt after harvesting an animal
- Improved pathing: units use roads more intelligently now
- Rams are now placed at the front of formations
- Mixed groups of ranged units and rams will no longer cause rams to spin in place when the group is ordered to attack
- Units ordered to attack move which are already attacking something will NOT STOP attacking their target
- Medics ordered to attack move with a group of combat units will now stop as soon as any unit can attack, and will heal their group members
- Improvements to AI building walls / roads
- AI units won't get stuck in Hold Position anymore
- Deathmatch improvement - AI won't autobuild warehouses
- AI won't try to build a wonder if they're under siege
- Fixed bug where AI would start construction of the same wonder multiple times
- AI deathmatch improvement: Devotes less citizens to wall buildings so as to get military buildings up faster
- AI deathmatch improvement: Upgrades units to veteran/elite more frequently