My scenarios for Empire Earth 2

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Re: My scenarios for Empire Earth 2

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So, I don't know whether my scripts were changed (hopefully everything will be fine), but here they are updated.
4 scripts and 1
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Also, I discovered an interesting bug (?) in one of my scenarios. In North African campaign there's an episode of Axis planes bombing on the game start. However, AI planes don't damage any buildings, only units. I thought this was Loewenherz idea to give unlimited health to AA Gun for some reason, but I noticed that even in my original scenario no buildings are hurt because of AI planes on game start. Moreover, sometimes only AA Gun has unlimited health and the other buildings don't and on rare occasions AA Gun is bombed successfully too. That's strange because I didn't code anything for this at all. So I upload my original .scn file too, may be you'll find a clue to this magic

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And yes, scripts were definitely changes by Loew, that's for sure – some refinements here and there, text boxes, may be even balance

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Re: My scenarios for Empire Earth 2

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Let's wait for Loew to confirm these things.
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