Map Modding

ImageImageTalking about Modding for EE2 and EE2 AOS. New maps, patches, programs and Multiplayer scenarios.
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Map Modding

Post by demineur » 24 Apr 2017, 16:48


I'm a beginner in this section. I want to create some maps and mods. Can someone help me?
I just need tools to make it.



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Re: Map Modding

Post by Leader » 24 Apr 2017, 21:09


EE2 has the map editor. That's everything you need.

For modding -> Notepad++ and check all game files, one-by-one. Unfortunately it's too advanced subject to explain.
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Re: Map Modding

Post by Dreadtania » 18 Jun 2017, 16:34

Map making itself is something that you learn on the go. There may be some tutorials online (on some sort of wiki maybe if one exists).
I myself learned by just building map after map, starting with small dimensions. nowadays I know my way around with building some fine detailed maps.

Few tips: best way is to start with designing your map layout ('Terrain Modifications' under 'Tools') before going to place world objects ('Object Placement' also under 'Tools') after that finish up with territories.
Also (very important) after saving your map, fill in your map name under: 'Edit' > 'Mission Properties' > 'Mission Name'. If left empty your map shows as 'untitled' in map menu ;)
Player objects btw are only used if one would build a scenario but that's something I don't work with.

If any more questions should come up, give me a shout. Good Luck!

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