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Recruitment. If you want to join the <<*TOP*>> clan this is the place, where you can make an application.
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Recruiting Section

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Recruiting process:

First, founders choose the person who will be good enough to play in the clan and ask him to join the clan. If player wants to join clan he must talk about it with RI.(Recruitment inspector - LordSPQR)

If RI doesn’t know the players playing style yet, player should play vs hardest AI (1vs1). According to it, RI will decide if player needs RI’s lessons or if he will practise alone in singleplayer and from playbacks. If player is too bad, RI should just wish him good luck in life and tell him that "TOP" clan is not the right clan for him.

RI will introduce to the player the jury’s expectations for final exam (avaliable below). RI will play with him and decide according to his skills whether he is ready for the exams. If not, RI should do some lessons with the player to prepare him for exams.

Exam process:
Exam may done in the different days. Exam contains 3 matches. Every match should be played with different founder, while other two will watch it in cooperative mode. After each match the founder that played with player should watch the playback to put his mark correctly, while other two will put their marks by watching the game in coop mode. After all matches founders will grade a player with a special system:
Grading system:
Founder 1 (who played the selected match) will give a mark that contains max. 60 points according to his match expectations (specified below).
Received points = 60* given points/ total points mat

Founder 2 (who will observe) will give mark that contains max. 20 points according to his general expectations (specified below).
Founder 3 (who will observe) will give mark that contains max. 20 points according to general expectations (must be specified).
Received points = given points

Max points that can be earned in one match is 100. Total points for 3 matches will be 300.
Player will pass the match if he gets at least 75 of 100 points.
Player will pass the exam and joins a clan if he will get 80% of points from 3 matches, so he need to get at least 240 points. Player will have 3 attempts to pass the match in exam, where he had less than needful count of points.
Exam Expectations:

LordSPQR match expectations for 2-2:

The Number of Workers on Resource (2P)
The Number of warehouses (1P)
Quick response to res shortage (2P)
Gold, tin, food more than 2k after 10 min (2P)


The strategy of attacking (3P)
Opening field for catapults (1P)
Defending against different civi (2P)

Game Controlling:

-Coming back to the game after losing ground and local defeat. (2P)
-Agility in building and maintaining the units (3P)


Technology (2P)

Total Points: 20
Tojo’s match expectations for 5-5:

-At least 1 extra warehouse per ress, enough farms (1 point)
-Wood must not go above 2000 in first 10 min (2 points)
-Wood doesn't go above 500 in first 5 min (1 BONUS point)


-Place saving building style (at least in first 6 mins) (1 point)
-Smart building placing (1 point)
-Never stops building (2 points)
-Aggressive building on enemy’s terr or occupying it with wall (1 point)
-Wins territory fight of the middle territory (1 BONUS point)


-Army upgrade, uni, houses on fighting territory (2 points)
-Proper stance and formation (1 point )
-Distracting enemy (ram, side attack, outpost attack) (2 points)
-Attack (smart timing, movement, in battle strategy) (1 point)
-Defence ( deff, rally point adjustment) (1 point)
-Using spy for extra info about enemy army or in attacks (1 BONUS point)

Map control:
-External CC well protected, if late game setting 2nd rally point there (1 point)
-Well organised citizens (enough idle, not too much, their usage) (1 point)
-Reaction time if something occurs (1 point)

Total: 18 points
TheKnight’s match expectations for 7-7:
-Gathering right resources in start of the game (6 on wood and 4 on stone) (1 point)
-1 extra warehouse per needful resources (1 point)
-Resources don’t go above 1000 after 10 minutes (wood, stone) (1 point)
-If player will got mili he will get -1 point, if mili with food, wood or gold -2 points
-Good economy in game: if player will gather bigger count of 3 resources than his opponent (iron doesn’t counts) he will get 2 points, if bigger count of 1-2 resources than 1 point


-Amount of territories after 3 mins: 1-2 territories (0 points)
3 territories (1 point)
4-5 territories (2 points)
-Built stable, market and temple (at least one of each) (1 point)
-If player doesn’t stop building in first 10 minutes he will get 1 point, if he won’t stop building in 15 minutes he will get 2 points, if 20 and more he will get 3 points
-If player will build more than 50 barracks and 25 workshops he will get 1 point, if more than 75 barracks and 30 workshops 2 points, if 100 barracks and 30 workshops player will got 2 points + 1 extra point
-Always sizing territories when is available (1 point)
-Building houses (2 points)


-Controlling army units (right selected army mode and army format) (1 point)
-Upgrading army units that you use (max given time 8 minutes) (1 point)
-Building defence (fortresses, outposts, walls, towers) (2 points)
-If player build defense on the territories that he sized from his opponent he will get 1 extra point, opponent will destroy player’s defense and player won’t rebuild it -1 point
-Building military on sized territories from opponent (barracks, workshops, outposts, fortresses, walls, towers) (1 point)
-Controlling army and attacking in different places (2 points)

Total: 25 points
General expectations for observers:
-Economy 5 points
-Imperial (style, full usage of buildings, constantly building, deff,... ) 5 points
-Military (army upgrade, in battle control,...) 5 points
-Overall impression (players reaction time, improvisation, innovative approach,...) 5 points

Total: 20 points

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