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Hero of the week

Post by Dr.MonaLisa »

"Hero of the week" is new, special group for player, which did something good in this week.
Player will be in this group for: 7 days

List of players in "Hero of the week" gorup:

Malistrom - Since 8.04.2011 to 15.04.2011. Reason: courage, high level of personal culture. Mali said to Redline, what he thinks about him. He insulted him, and then banned from his forum. Mali showed, that he is not afraid of a noob like Redline. Really big congratulations for Mali!
Also I decised to give: "courage decoration" for Mali.


Peacegamerjj - Since 29.04.2011 to 06.05.2011. Reason: Peacegamerjj did super image about ~eW` clan: http://forum.ee2.eu/t707-peacegamerjj-s-epic-image


Timo - Since 07.05.2011 to 14.04.2011. Reason: Good conversation with Redline, pissing Redline off, causing rebellion at many W2G members, courage
I decised to give: "courage decoration" for Timo.

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Re: Hero of the week

Post by Shenlong »

Hahahahaha how cool is this XD
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