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New feature on ~eW`~>FORUM - Facebook login

Posted: 11 Oct 2012, 05:40
by Dr.MonaLisa
Today, I've enabled a new feature on the forum.
Since today you can connect your forum account with facebook account.
Just go to: Profile / Preferences:

How it works?
When you connect your ~eW`~>FORUM Account with facebook - you will be able to log in on the ~eW`~>FORUM by clicking "Log in" facebook button:

You don't need to remember your password or login to use the forum.
Every time you will be logged on facebook - and then you will visit the forum - you will be automatically logged-in on the forum.

Every new user who want to register on the forum - will be able to instant registration by "Associate your facebook account" button.
When user connect his account with facebook, he won't need to activate account by e-mail address

Of course no one will see your personal data like: Name, Last name etc. It's only to make ~eW`~>FORUM easier to use.