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Posted: 30 Jan 2012, 08:41
by Dr.MonaLisa
I decided to create e-mail accounts for people which needs it the most.

1. ~eW`~>Administration:
[][/url] - Leader, President of ~eW`
[][/url] - Nightstand, Academy's Patron
[][/url] - Devi, Tester 1
[][/url] - Matty, Tester 2
[][/url] - LegoLego40, Diplomat

2. Ministers:
[][/url] - Deus, Minister of EE2 history and oldschool players
[][/url] - Lukwert, Minister of Military and Armed Forces
[][/url] - LegoLego40, Foreign Office
[][/url] - Matty, Minister of Ministry of Justice

E-mails are inactive now. Unfortunately you can't change password to your e-mail, that's why please all people (testers, diplomat, ministers, academy's patron) to send Private message to me with password which you want to set to your new e-mail. Please select new password, don't send to me passwords which you always use to eW forum or real e-mail address.

If you want to select different e-mail login than your nickname - just send it to me on Private message. I can set everything.
For example, maybe Diplomat wants to use [][/url]

I can also set redirection of all e-mail messages to your real e-mail. When I do it, then for example someone will send message to: [][/url] - and matty will receive this message on his real e-mail. Person who sent message to Minister of Justice won't know real Matty's e-mail Image

We can have maximum 10 e-mail accounts, that's why I can't give e-mail for everyone Image

To log in on your e-mail you need to open: (This link be added to menu soon).
When you open - you have to log in with login: [][/url] (you need to add then your password (which you selected).
You can use to everything, but I recommand just use it for clan work. I be using my e-mail and I be sending messages to administration of clan Image

Re: E-MAILS for Ministers and ~eW`~>Administration

Posted: 02 Feb 2012, 18:17
by Legolego40
Whoa, thank you!

Re: E-MAILS for Ministers and ~eW`~>Administration

Posted: 02 Feb 2012, 18:47
by Dr.MonaLisa
you welcome Image

Page with e-mails you can check here:

Re: E-MAILS for Ministers and ~eW`~>Administration

Posted: 03 Feb 2012, 00:54
by Deus
It's pretty cool.