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Re: Easywinclan.com

Post by derrick »

No the game is just finished for him i think, i play with him sometimes in counter strike.

He said me maybe one day he back ee2 with smurf account for some hour idk, i was in teamspeak with him. ^^

Last time when he played it was in july, i played with him. he lives 200 km from me.

Deus wrote:
Where exactly is Samir..?

Well... Roubaix, France
But I won't give you all address, it's invasion of privacy.
Maybe deux want rape he. we dont know. Image

I dont want redline two. i'm afraid then. Image

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Re: Easywinclan.com

Post by Deus »

I'm straight, thanks.
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Re: Easywinclan.com

Post by Dr.MonaLisa »

So... Looks like we won a FREE domain name for ~eW`~>FORUM again : - )

That's a good information Image We can use Easywinclan.com in 2013!
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