Blocked activity / Prohibition of writing - New banning system on ~eW`~>FORUM!

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Blocked activity / Prohibition of writing - New banning system on ~eW`~>FORUM!

Post by Dr.MonaLisa »

All members with: 5/5 Image warnings were banned from forum.
Since today none member be banned. On ~eW`~>forum is actived new "Prohibition of writing" system.

If someone deserve on ban (because of 5/5 warnings), then he be just moved to group "Banned".
Group "Banned" can't write anywhere - only in: "Affairs forum / Administration" - so "banned" members will be always able to delete theirs warning/warnings.
If someone delete his warning, then he will have 4/5 warnings on his account = can write on ~eW`~>FORUM.

How to be unbanned?
Read this topic: Do you want remove warning / warnings?
But screenshots from "Good game" post in this topic - not in new topic in "Screenshots" subforum.

If you do it, then I'll check it, and remove warning if everything is correct.

Of course "Normal" bans will be all time avalible. For example MultiAccounts be banned with "Normal" ban.

If user with "Blocked activity" will insult someone in: "Affairs forum / Administration" he be normal banned, and he won't have chance to "post screenshots from good game" to remove his warning.

I hope it will work fine.

Any questions? Suggestions? Please write in this topic.
Best regards,
Ministry of Game Affairs
Department of Control and Complains

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