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Conversations with Ahmed

Posted: 19 Aug 2013, 03:57
by Dr.MonaLisa
Ahmed wants Misss to buy SimCity for him:
Misss: so work for ur money
AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): i cant
AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): my old
AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): is
AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): 13
Misss: yes
Misss: so ask parents
AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): look
AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): my dad
AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): he is suck
AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): so suck
Misss: yes
Misss: and now?
Misss: ask for ur birthday maybe
AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): my birthday
AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): is after 4 month
Misss: well
Misss: what u want me to do?????
AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): look
AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): i have a idea
AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): do you have money online
Misss: yes i do
AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): maybe if we can make money online
AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): it work
AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): but idont have
AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): money online
Misss: i have money online
Misss: so what u want
AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): maybe you can buy for me
AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): look
AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): lets work to gether
Misss: how work together
Misss: i have to buy for u????!!!
AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): look
AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): do you no how to make money online
Misss: yes
AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): so tell me
Misss: tell u what
Misss: why wud i buy for u?
Misss: askl ur friend
AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): friend for what
Misss: to buy u a game
AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): you no
AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): i dont have reall friend
AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): help me
Ahmed wants to download SimCity from and
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): hey man
Dr Mona: Hello Ahmed, how can I help you in this beautiful day?
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): from where you buy simcity
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): i want to get the game
Dr Mona:
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): hey man
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): if the game have a crack
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): so i can dawnload the game
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): ok
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): can i ask
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): you mean
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): the game that you buy it
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): simcity
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): this game
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): now
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): i can dawnload it and play it?
Dr Mona: I think yes
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): are you sure
Dr Mona: No
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): Image
Dr Mona: But it says it's cracked, you should try
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): should try what?
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): from where
Dr Mona: From
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): that is the site name
Dr Mona: yes.
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): i open the site
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): where is it
Dr Mona: under: "Contact us"
Dr Mona: Click: "Contact us"
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): then
Dr Mona: Then download
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): where
Dr Mona:
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): where
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): i dont see it
Dr Mona:
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): ok i open this site
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): then?
Dr Mona: Click CTRL+F on keyboard
Dr Mona: And search for: SimCity
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): ??
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): i dont no where
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): ?
Dr Mona: You use google chrome?
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): you mean
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): to search in google
Dr Mona: Internet Browser
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): yees
Dr Mona: You must install Firefox
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): i have
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): ?
Dr Mona: Then open
Dr Mona: in firefox
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): ok
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): wait
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): ok
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): then
Dr Mona: You found SimCity
Dr Mona: ?
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): i dont search yet
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): tell me then
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): i open the site
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): on firefox
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): plzz man
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): help me
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): with teamviewer
Dr Mona: If it's not on, then it must be at warez-bb
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): so what?
Dr Mona: I think if you didn't notice that I sent you links to USA government websites
Dr Mona: then you're too stupid to install SimCity...
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): Image
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): i dont found on the that page
Dr Mona: Damn...
D|M|AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): and this page warez-bb dont want to open
Ahmed about viginity and gays:
~eW`~>Applause: Ahmed are you a virgin?
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): ?
~eW`~>Applause: Are you a virgin?
~eW`~>Applause: It's a game only for virgins and for me.
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): what is that?
~eW`~>Applause: Not gonna tell you.
Misss: someone who never had sex
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): aaa
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): no
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): ?
Misss: so are u virgin or not
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): not
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): you?
Misss: how many times u had sec
Misss: sex
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): but i want to say is
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): i dont
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): i dont have virgin
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): i dont understand?
~eW`~>Applause: Are you a virgin?
~eW`~>Applause: you never had sex before?
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): no
~eW`~>Applause: you had?
~eW`~>Applause: with who?
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): no
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): i dont had
~eW`~>Applause: You didn't have, but you are not a virgin?
~eW`~>Applause: How is that possible
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): loook
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): you say
~eW`~>Applause: I
~eW`~>Applause: am looking.
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): you have never had sex before right you say that?
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): right
~eW`~>Applause: me?
~eW`~>Applause: I asked you, I don't talk about me.
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): i have never had sex before
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): i hate it
Misss: lol
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): you understand
~eW`~>Applause: Yes, ok.
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): ok if you understand
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): say what you understand
~eW`~>Applause: Why you hate sex?
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): -_-
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): i am a boy
~eW`~>Applause: Somebody forced you to bad things? When you were a kid?
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): no
Misss: hes still a kid
~eW`~>Applause: You're a boy, but why you hate sex?
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): i mean
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): look
~eW`~>Applause: I am looking.
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): you like to marry when you be big
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): when you become a 23
~eW`~>Applause: Ahh, you're waiting for a wife?
~eW`~>Applause: You won't have sex before you're 23 years old?
~eW`~>Applause: OK.
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): no
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): i am now
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): 14 years old
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): when i become big
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): like 23
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): or 22
~eW`~>Applause: Why not before?
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): this is wrong
~eW`~>Applause: Who said that?
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): this is bad things
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): i dont do that it bad thing
~eW`~>Applause: Sex is bad?
~eW`~>Applause: But why?
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): look
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): sex only
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): when you 23
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): and you marry
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): marry a girl
~eW`~>Applause: Why not before?
Misss: its islam believe?
Misss: thing
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): no
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): islam dont believe that bad thing
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): Applause
~eW`~>Applause: But your mum believe it?
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): no
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): can i ask you question Applause
~eW`~>Applause: Yes of course
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): you do a sex with a girl
~eW`~>Applause: No, with a boy.
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): you make with a boy
~eW`~>Applause: yes.
Misss: lol
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): thats so badd
~eW`~>Applause: Why?
~eW`~>Applause: I'm a boy too, so it's not bad.
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): loook
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): the big wrong is
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN):  when you make sex with a boy only
~eW`~>Applause: Why?
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): this is a soooooooooo bad
~eW`~>Applause: Tell us why.
Misss: yeah why
~eW`~>Applause: Why bad?
Misss: why not penis in asshole
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): you no
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): in my country
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): if some one see one do what you do
~eW`~>Applause: I want to visit Saudi Arabia with my boyfriend.
~eW`~>Applause: Can I?
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): you no what will happen to him
~eW`~>Applause: What will happen?
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): the police will talk him
~eW`~>Applause: Why?
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): and he will busty 3 years
~eW`~>Applause: For what?
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): because this
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): you make a sex with a boy
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): you will die
~eW`~>Applause: It's bad?
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): its so bad
~eW`~>Applause: How bad?
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): and some time
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): if you make sex with a boy
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): some time
Misss: u want sex with boy agmed
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): that boy maybe die
~eW`~>Applause: die?
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): if he die
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): this is a big problem
~eW`~>Applause: But why die?
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): if the police no that this boy die because of that
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): they will kill you
Misss: die because of penis in your asshole?>
~eW`~>Applause: : - (
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): i swear
~eW`~>Applause: And if the boys use condoms
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): i am not lieing
~eW`~>Applause: then die too?
Misss: lol
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): i saying the trueth
Misss: boys are having sex at this moment right now
Misss: they dont die from it
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): the why too stop doing that
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): no the die
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): if a boy and boy
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): but if a boy with girl
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): no problem
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): but if boy with boy
Misss: brb
GTA5: what if boy and shemale?
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): its dangerous
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): GTA 5
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): say again
GTA5: lol better be careful mona
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): GTA 5
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): you ask
~eW`~>Applause: Ahmed, this is good?
~eW`~>Applause: //link hidden for security reasons//
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): what if boy and female
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): if boy  and femal
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): its good
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): becasue this is the right life
~eW`~>Applause: Ahmed, this is good? //link hidden for security reasons//
GTA5: Ahmed
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): yes?
GTA5: What if Boy and Another boy but this boy has penis and vagina?
GTA5: is problem?
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): if a boy and boy
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): this is soo problem
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): some time
GTA5: wait wait
GTA5: listen me
GTA5: ahmed
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): may kill this boy
GTA5: 1 is regulary boy
GTA5: the 2nd boy
~eW`~>Applause: And if a girl was a boy, but is a girl now?
GTA5: has vagina like women
GTA5: but also penis
GTA5: is problem?
GTA5: Yeah what about transgender?
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): wait
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): GTA 5
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): look
GTA5: were is he from again?
~eW`~>Applause: Saudi Arabia.
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): you say there was 2 boy
~eW`~>Applause: From Egypt.
GTA5: what the speak there? arabic?
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): me from egpyt
~eW`~>Applause: He is now in Saudi Arabia
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN):  look
~eW`~>Applause: Ahmed, loook at the link:
GTA5: what is your language ahmed
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): GTA 5
~eW`~>Applause: //link hidden for security reasons//
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN):  its not opening
~eW`~>Applause: It is good?
GTA5: lol
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): my language
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): is arabic
~eW`~>Applause: The link doesnt work?
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): yes
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): doest work
~eW`~>Applause: Wait
GTA5: ماذا لو 1 الصبي هو مع صبي آخر ولكن الصبي 1 هو خنثى
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): GTA 5
~eW`~>Applause: I find other
GTA5: you understand ahmed?
GTA5: is problem?
GTA5: خنثى هو الرجل الذي لديه المهبل والقضيب
~eW`~>Applause: Ahmed, look: //link hidden for security reasons//
~eW`~>Applause: This is good?
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): say with english
GTA5: you do not read arabic?
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): i read
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): but i need english
GTA5: no
GTA5: i need you to replie
GTA5: to me
GTA5: of what i said
~eW`~>Applause: Ahmed, this is good? //link hidden for security reasons//
GTA5: is problem?
Ryu Jesus Zaki: TROLO
Ryu Jesus Zaki: lol
Ryu Jesus Zaki: HE
Ryu Jesus Zaki: YO
Misss: bk
GTA5: yo ryu
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): ok GTA 5
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): wait
GTA5: wb
Rusian_Empire: fu*k GAYS
Ryu Jesus Zaki: YE fu*k SHGAY
GTA5: 30min of russia being silent he talks
Rusian_Empire: QUE ASCO
(Please notice I was trolling, and I wasn't serious)

Some screenshots:

Re: Conversations with Ahmed

Posted: 19 Aug 2013, 04:16
by lordsilverbow
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): i dont want to play now
GTA5: we do not play
GTA5: come its talk
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): ok
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): i was think at you will play
GTA5: no no come
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): GTA 5
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): look
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): today
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN):  i am not
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): good i feel nerves
GTA5: why ahmed?
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): i dont no
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): i feel
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): i am stting on the home
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): watch tv
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): nothing i can do
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN):  i want thing
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): what is happening on your roon
GTA5: what kinda things?
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): cloths
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): aaaa
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): games
GTA5: oh
GTA5: what kind of clothes?
GTA5: and what kind of games?
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): you no games
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): i want
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): the clothes
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): like T-shirt and shirt and a shoe
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): shoes
GTA5: what kind of shoes is good?
GTA5: like what kind of shoes is really good there?
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): aa
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): shoe of sport
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): football
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): i like football
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): i am playing always football
GTA5: what position do you play?
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): aa
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): the attacl
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): the attack and the defenceive
GTA5: oh okay i thought you play goalie
GTA5: to catch the big hard balls that you want
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): i  can play any where on the match
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): only one thing
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): the player who catch the ball
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): i am not good on it
GTA5: oh
GTA5: what kind of clothes do you like?
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): why all these question
GTA5: are we not friends to talk?
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): yes we are friend
GTA5: so is it wrong to ask?
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): no
GTA5: ok
GTA5: so what kinda clothes do you like
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): aa
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): sport
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): and kagwal
GTA5: what is a kagwal?
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): i dont no in english
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): not a sport
GTA5: what shape is it
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): its Tshirt
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): and panatalon
GTA5: oh very nice
GTA5: what does your mom work in?
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): my not working
GTA5: oh she takes care of the cats?
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): no
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): she take care of the house
GTA5: you own house? i thought you have no money
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): i have no much money
[EG]AhmedSnIpEr(GuN): not so much to get the games

Re: Conversations with Ahmed

Posted: 23 Aug 2013, 03:26
by lukwerty
lol silver... you attack everyone dude.. haha. even mona hasn't realized 'till now you had given an indirect to him LOL.

now about ahmed.. well, hes a kid, a kid... LOL.

Re: Conversations with Ahmed

Posted: 23 Aug 2013, 05:55
by Dr.MonaLisa
lukwerty wrote:even mona hasn't realized 'till now you had given an indirect to him LOL.
I realized everything, but I won't censore chats. We can't change what Silver already said Image
Anyway: ... 20sex.docx
I hope now it's clear ^^