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You can post here screenshots from games 2v2, 3v3, 4v4.
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Re: Extreme example of Babylonian War on medium Pangea map

Post by Dr.MonaLisa » 06 Sep 2019, 09:12

Coo1 wrote:
06 Sep 2019, 05:13
Great Idea! Sorry I did not realize right away how it would work. As you said each post would have just one game and a good descriptive title. Would it be possible for you, as a Moderator, to relocate my multi-posts in that section and to divide it in separate posts? I would continue posting as you suggests afterwards.
Thanks for your help. Coo1
Don't worry about it. I moved the topic to screenshots section. I think as long as those are only your games posted it can be all in a single topic (even better because interested people don't need to open multiple tabs, just scroll down). If you still want to separate them, please let me know.
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Re: Post Your Game -- Manage Your Army instead of building, building, building, building...

Post by Coo1 » 07 Sep 2019, 17:06

Good example of a player carried away with military building construction and gathering resources instead of using army in a correct way. Just sending hordes of military units will not work in strategic 1 vs. 1 games. It is NOT 11-11 with all explored/fast pace/fast speed/"no spy" settings.
This particular player was outnumbering with population, military units and building. Instead of managing the army, the units were sent for slaughter. The game started as "usual," on medium plain map. No resources, citizens, or explored map. Just a scout and a citicenter. As the game progressed, IndieRock00 accumulated larger army and better units. However using melee units effectively neutralized many stone throwers. You see, when stone thrower is attacked -- IT STOPS FIRING! So, if you have melee units (those guys with swords) or horse melee units attacking artillery units, it renders it USELESS! Also, parting your army is VERY risky, because the opponent could wipe out small bands of military easier. Yet another strategic statement: "NEVER FIGHT TOWERS, JUST GO AROUND THEM (on condition they are away from main defense area)... Enjoy the movie.
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