Amending Acts

Since: 01.07.2011 to: 28.02.2014. For: Unofficial Patch 1.3 users.
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Amending Acts

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ImageAmending Acts
Amending acts accepted by more than 50% of members which voted in polls.

I   "Scout Glitching" - Scout trick
Scout trick is leggal in game.
Legalization "scout glitching":
- Scout glitching leggal is game.
- Scout glitching isn't glitch, can't be called: Glitching.
- You can't use other glitches if player did scout trick on you.

22.02.2010 has been created poll, where everyone user of forum could vote. Link to poll:
18.03.2010 poll has been closed with score:
It says that from all players which voted 10/18 players wanted legalization scout glitching.

16.03.2010 has been created special poll in Crisis Staff subforum. Allowed to vote had only hidden group: Crisis Staff with the most important members of clan.
18.03.2010 poll has been closed with score:
6/6 members of Crisis Staff group voted. 5/6 voted wanted legalization scout glitching.

For 1 month me and Diplomat (Malistrom) worked hard to inform everyone EE2 player about poll which was on ~eW` forum.
Only 18 players has voted, but it's enought to decide.

Act will applies since: 01.04.2011.
For this time (13 days) apply the old rules. In this time you can let know to EE2 players, that scout trick is leggal, and they can use it.

The most Important:
- Act effect since: 01.04.2011
- Scout trick is leggal in game.
- Scout trick isn't glitch, can't be called: Glitching.
- Players can't use other glitches if player did scout trick on them.
- If player used other glitches (Click here to check which), and said that he did it because of your "scout glitch" - post him on forum on Glitchers list adhering to the principles of correct posting:
- Everyone who doesn't agree with this act should stop playing EE2. Was poll, more players wanted to legalize scout trick - everyone should use same rules.
- Can be games: "Without scout trick" if player in hosted game want this, and everyone player who isn't Observer will accept this rule. If one player won't accept this - game should start with avalible scout trick.


II EE2SA - Empre Earth II Security Act
EE2 Security Act allows Empire Earth II Government member's to take the following measures to secure Empire Earth II and players:

$1.1 Controlling and checking Empire Earth II player's accounts list + have insight on player's IP address. IP address will be always encrypted, and won't be showed in form: example: (example of encrypted IP address: XFpuqlsW9X). Ministers will be able to check ID or IP only by Administrator of EE2-Patch1.3 (Dr.MonaLisa).

$1.2 Limitation player's rights by following ministeries:
* Ministry of Justice
* Foreign Office
* Ministry of EE2 history and oldschool players
* Ministry of Military and Armed Forces

$1.3 Possiblity usage following penalty by Minister of Justice:
1. Discontinuance of proceedings
2. Conditional discontinuance of proceedings
3. Acquittal
4. Verbal reprimand
5. Assign a curator from Government's Presidency Clan
6. Forbids reputation points from account on ~eW`~>FORUM (penalty depends by minister)
7. Playing ban with players. Penalty called: "gang banned", Ignoring by everyone on EE2
8. Ban from EE2 Lobby (kicking by Leader all the time, when player want's to play, join).

$1.4 Every player has rights to defense in topic about his case, which is always created in Empire Earth II - Government on ~eW`~>FoRUM:
If member won't defence himself, Empire Earth II government has rights to decision without listening to second side in time no faster than 3 days since topic has been created.
If member is banned from ~eW`~>FORUM for any reason - has no rights to defense himself on the forum. He has rights to lawyer, who will represented his defense.
In case of the absence of lawyer - player can contact with Minister of Justice by e-mail:

$1.5 Empire Earth II Government has rights to give warnings to players on Empire Earth II Lobby and kick them for bad behavior. Kicking has no connection with GBSA act and banning rules. Kicking player doesn't mean that he has been banned. Kicking is form of last warning.
If player's behavior doesn't change after several kicks - EE2 Government has rights to ban him/her accordance with the provisions of GBSA Act.

$1.6 Chat history from following rooms:
*Empire Earth II
- Europe
- North America
- Asia
- Unpatched
*Empire Earth II: Art of Supremacy
- Europe
- North America
- Asia
Is saved since 30 of December 2011. All chat logs are saved by bot: EE2-Patch1.3 and must be showed/uploaded by Administrator of Bot (Dr.MonaLisa), if any player ask for.
Chat history may be used in litigations topics in Empire Earth II - Government on Easy Win Clan Forum.


III GBSA - Government Banning System Agreement

$2.1 Allows Empire Earth II Government + ~eW`~> Clan Administration to restrict the rights of everyone Empire Earth II player by banning from EE2. Only Administrator of EE2-Patch1.3 (Dr.MonaLisa bot is able to "ban" players. There is no way to allow ~eW`~>Adminstration and Government ministers to ban someone's by himself. Every case has to be reported to Administrator of EE2-Patch1.3 bot, which will decide about eventual ban.

$2.2 Allows to ban players (in exceptional circumstances) before sentence of Minister of Justice, until announcement of the court sentence.

$2.3 Possibility types of Bans:
- Blocking account (for example for reason: insult in nickname)
- Blocking all current accounts of selected player saved on EE2-Patch1.3's players list.
- Blocking all current accounts of selected players + blocking new accounts.

Decisions about ban time manages Minister of Justice in time not longer than 7 days, after account has been blocked.

$2.4 President of Easy Win Clan has rights to temporarily ban player if his behavior endanger the safety of clan and harms opinion about clan in other player's eyes.

$2.5 All other Empire Earth II clans Leaders (if theirs clan is registred on Clan's list in EE2 Government) having rights to report behavior of player to President of Easy Win Clan, which has to instant decide about criminal player. If President of Easy Win Clan decide to ban member for his bad behavior against any clan - has obligation to create special topic with this case in Empire Earth II Government (if already doesn't exists).

$2.6 In the case of unjust accusations, unjust ban - victim has rights to bring a lawsuit against person who decided about ban. All lawsuits cases should be posted in "Empire Earth II - Government" subforum. If accused is Minister of Justice - verdict in his case announces the Minister of Military and Armed Forces.

EE2SA and GBSA Acts enter into force on the date: 01.02.2012
EE2SA and GBSA doesn't change anything to "worse". This act just shows what possible measures Government and President of Easy Win Clan can use.
Everything is just to have legal basis in eventual cases.


IV ACBA - Anti-CyberBullying Act

ACBA has been accepted with 59% of positive votes:
All players could vote for 7 days since 25.02.2012 to 03.03.2012

$3.1 Punishment for potentially insulting words. For using insults listed in point $3.2 players will automatic collect warnings. Maximum number of warnings: 3. Last warning = Automatic kick out of lobby.

$3.2 Insults list (may be changed):
- son of * bitch
- faggot
- bastard
- piece of shit

$3.3 If any player use "bad sentence" which is potentially cyberbullying in following chat rooms:
*Empire Earth II
- Europe
- North America
- Asia
- Unpatched
*Empire Earth II: Art of Supremacy
- Europe
- North America
- Asia

Player will receive message about warning he received for using "bad words".

$3.4 Every player may insult 3 times. If he insult one more time, he'll get kicked out of lobby, also list of his warning will be resetted, so he can get another 3 warnings when he/she back.

$3.5 Players won't receive warnings for popular words like "fu****g", etc. EE2-Patch1.3 will have special script which be detecting if word is insult (Cyberbullying) or not. EE2 Government will take care if none is getting warnings for no reason. If someone get warning for no reason his warning may be removed, and script be edited to solve problem.

$3.6 Player account can not be banned, blocked because of using insults. Everything contained in this act says just about warnings + eventual kick (if insult is repeated 4 times)

$3.7 Warnings number is counted to selected nickname. Script is not detecting if player has other accounts with warnings. New account = new place for warnings.

Anti-CyberBullying Act has been created to protect players against violence. Anti-CyberBullying is to teach players what words shouldn't be used in public places like EE2 lobby. There is no way to kick someone for no reason, because there be always place for 3 warnings. Player will decide if he change his language or not.
Best regards,
Ministry of Game Affairs
Department of Control and Complains


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