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A fu**ing brother

Posted: 02 Jul 2011, 13:40
by Matty
Well ... Yesterday i come back at home, my brother says to me that he has good good news and bad news for me. The bad news was that he deleted windows XP by mistake. The good news was that he added ram to my laptop so the laptop worked better. I wasn't so mad for his error cause the good news but i said him to install fastly windows XP again.
I waited but a lot of hours left and he was about 20% for installing it. So i thought he was not very concentrated to install windows XP faster and when he called me to go downstair from him i did nothing and i stayed upstair. So he decided to not install windows to me cause he says that before he installed windows XP to my laptop so therefore he had the right to take it off.
Now i am very angry with him. So I decided to cut him from the world of the computer because it acts like a parasite. If he makes you a favor, you have to be careful cause he could take it back. It's like giving a present to a friend and then, if you get angry with him, taking it back. He is a child and he will be 18 years old tomorrow.LOL

At the moment I can't play ee2 but i said to my parents that now i want a laptop and i will take it with my money if they don't want cause i don't have a my computer yet.
My brother has got all: A good computer, Iphone 4 and all, all presents by my father. So ...2500 euros + 800 euros = 3300 euros as presents. I have got just a ps3, so 300 euros.
I have nothing compared to what he has ...

What i should do? Am i right? Give me suggests please.

Re: A fu**ing brother

Posted: 02 Jul 2011, 14:19
by Dr.MonaLisa
Matty, install Windows XP again, before format hard drivers. When you install it, then we will make something in revenge to your brother.
1. Do you have CD with Windows XP?
2. Why YOU can't install it without his help?
3. How horrible noob he is, that he deleted OPERATION SYSTEM, when he changed RAM MEMORY?! I'm 100% sure, that he knew what he did, and it wasn't accident.

Re: A fu**ing brother

Posted: 02 Jul 2011, 14:30
by Matty
1- No i don't
2- Now i think it would be better if i use this chance to take a new laptop. Infact yesterday night he said to me that if i want he will install windows XP again, but after what happened, i said no to him cause i don't want his help in computer world anymore.
3- No, he is enough good, He just tried to install linux more than windows, over adding RAM. ( He wanted to install linux and improving RAM cause he wanted to use my laptop for the music during his 18th birthday's party )