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How to open EE2 playbacks files .e2s?

Posted: 06 Jun 2011, 02:20
by Dr.MonaLisa
If you don't know how to watch the uploaded Empire Earth II playback files, then:
1. You need an .e2s file with playback.
For example download a random playback from the forum:

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2. The downloaded file copy and paste to the folder: My Documents/Empire Earth II/playback
3. Start the game (Empire Earth II) and use an option playbacks from the main menu (it can be named: Recordings), select a file to watch, for example: Ldr_vs_Doggy_smurfing.e2s

Note: You can't see the correct chat messages. You can't see who and what wrote. All messages will be always from a player selected to "watching" in the playback menu.

You can also record your games. You have to enable an option in the Empire Earth II settings: Record Game From Start.
If you want to change your playback's file name - after a game - you should go to the folder: My Documents/Empire Earth II/playback and find the latest created file. After that just rename it (example: Good game me vs Betty.e2)
You don't need to add .e2s if you have the hidden extensions of the files in your Windows filess explorer settings.