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TUTORIAL: How to use ClickLock in Empire Earth 2?

Posted: 23 Oct 2021, 16:15
by Dr.MonaLisa
How to use ClickLock in Empire Earth 2?

A few days ago, a user on the Support Chat asked me for help getting the ClickLock to work in Empire Earth II. He can only use a trackball because he can't move the mouse around. He uses a stick in his mouth with a piece of rubber tubing on the end to roll the ball. ClickLock allows a user to lock down the primary mouse button with a single click. It's then possible to highlight or drag without holding down the primary mouse button.

Unfortunately, some games (especially old ones) don't support the default ClickLock available on Windows. It's because they intercept mouse clicks on hardware level. This is why I decided to create a new program called "Mouse ClickLock For Games". I primarily wanted to include it as an option to the EE2 UP1.5 Launcher. I then realized that there are other people with disabilities looking for a tool like this, in order to use in the other programs / games, where Windows ClickLock fails to work. As a result I released "Mouse ClickLock For Games" available for free, for everyone.

Please read the project's GitHub page for more details and download link: ... ckForGames