ACCESS VIOLATION error. Please Help

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ACCESS VIOLATION error. Please Help

Post by damon_86 »

Hi, I've recently just started playing. I used to play this alot as a kid. Really enjoying it but keep getting the below error a few minutes after I restart my single player save. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

EAX:00000000h ESI:34090ee4h
EBX:00000001h EDI:00000000h
ECX:00000000h EBP:3dcccccdh
EDX:00000003h ESP:0248f7e8h
EIP:009ba655h EID:00000000h
SS: 0000002bh CS: 00000023h
DS: 0000002bh FS: 00000053h
ES: 0000002bh GS: 0000002bh
Flags: 00010246h CF:0 PF:1 AF:0 ZF:1 SF:0 OF:0

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Re: ACCESS VIOLATION error. Please Help

Post by Dr.MonaLisa »

Hi. I checked the Unofficial Patch 1.5 Crash Reports database, and it appears that this error code comes from a player who is using the "Empire Earth 4 MoD ver. 9.8.0 ENG".

I assume that it's you?

I would love to help you, but according to the Developers Version of UP1.5 page:
This is a Developers Version of Unofficial Patch 1.5. It means, that this version is compatible with all other Empire Earth 2 mods, but not all of Unofficial Patch 1.5 features are available in game. This version should be used only by players who have a different mod installed or want to mod the game using the unchanged files structure. If you don't use any mods, it's highly recommended to install the normal version of Unofficial Patch 1.5 instead. All game crashes which are present on this version are not related to the Unofficial Version 1.5 - they're present, because this version doesn't change any game files (so crashes present in the official version of the game are not repaired). Developers Version is absolutely not supported by Dr.MonaLisa. All problems present on this version should be reported to the developer of the mod you're actually using.
The other EE2 mods are often crashy. They add and change a lot of things in game, and the amount of new units overrides the quality and stability of the game. Unfortunately I'm unable to help with it, as this problem should be reported directly to the creator of the mod you're using, for example by their Discord.

If you're looking for the crash-free experience, I would recommend you to install the vanilla Empire Earth II and then the Normal Version of Unofficial Patch 1.5 from this page:

Unofficial Patch 1.5 (Normal Version) is very stable and has a lot of new features / crash fixes, but doesn't change the "vanilla" experience.
If you played EE2 as a kid then I suppose you would like to play the game in the unchanged form. EE4 mod changes the game completely, so it's not the same experience as you might remember.

To summary things, not to make you confused:
- Unofficial Patch 1.5 is available in two versions: "Normal" and "Developers":
- The Developers Version of UP1.5 was added to the "EE4 MOD" which you're currently using, but it doesn't fix all game crashes, and also the third-party mods are unstable and more crashy.
- If you're looking for the unchanged Empire Earth II, you should install the game from CD / DVD (or buy it in some digital store), and then install the "Normal" version of Unofficial Patch 1.5. This way you wouldn't experience these problems, and the game balance, strategies would be the same as you remember from years ago.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.
Best regards,
Ministry of Game Affairs
Department of Control and Complains
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