Mod competibility question

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Mod competibility question

Post by Uriyahagever »

Hi. I play EE2 with the Relistic mod v48 with the developers UP1.5. However this developers edition doesn't include the Tundra map unfortunately.
Is there any way to make the regular UP1.5 competible with this mod?

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Re: Mod competibility question

Post by Dr.MonaLisa »

Hi. Unfortunately, Developers Version of 1.5 can not modify game files that are modified by the other mods, otherwise other mods would not work correctly.

It's only possible to have Tundra if the mod developer imports it from the Normal Version of UP1.5. There are many files to modify and import. I myself can't even recall them now.

Developers Version of 1.5 only modifies 1 game file (or rather replaces) which is used for the menu entries. It was needed in order to add Multiplayer tweaks and new options (Cycle Time of Day, more ceasefire, etc.). Unfortunately, even this little change caused problems for UP1.5 Developers version integration, for example to EE4 mod which also modified menu entries. Any more addition that modifies game files (not executables) is impossible for Developers Version (from my point of view, to keep is as compatible with the other mods as possible).
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