My game stutters a lot

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My game stutters a lot

Post by Vlaxie »

So how well does your game run; I'm playing a skirmish with 9 or 8 other AIs and not long after the game starts the stuttering and freezing becomes unbearable
I have a 2ghz i7 (can turbo up to 3.1ghz), 8 gb of ram and 2gb ddr3 nvidia card, not a very modern gaming laptop or anything but still I don't get why it's having so much trouble running a 2005 game. Below is the video showing basically what it looks like to play EE2 on my end, I have the 1.5 patch installed and I've reduced all the graphics to as low as possible

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Re: My game stutters a lot

Post by Dr.MonaLisa »

This is 100% normal.

It's deeply explained here:
I'm playing a skirmish with 9 or 8 other AIs
1. Big maps and AI players. AI players are lagging h.o.r.r.i.b.l.y. It's because they're badly programmed. They are keep senselessly moving units, and the game must re-calculate it around 5 times per second. The only solution for it is playing Multiplayer games instead of Singleplayer. Or reduce number of AIs to 4 or lower.
As visible in the video, the population is also above the maximum 2000 from the official version of the game (400 x 10 = 4000).

If you reduced the number of AI players, you could safely play with high graphics (except shadows: medium or lower recommended, and lighting details: low recommended). So you could enjoy the game more visually by reducing the number of AI players.
but still I don't get why it's having so much trouble running a 2005 game.
This is the actual root cause of the problem. A game from 2005 uses a single CPU core for everything. It was not developed for multithreading, and this is why performance is bad.

For reference, there are videos from my YouTube channel:
They're Multiplayer, (so no AI players lag), and I'm using Ryzen 7 2700X CPU (with max. single core boost up to 4.1Ghz). Of course, the FPS is still lower than it would be in other games, but for me it's pretty much acceptable, especially because I play EE2 since I was 7, and I remember the performance on my previous laptops.
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