I need a help with the battle planner

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I need a help with the battle planner

Post by FikVodenka »

Hello everyone,

I have problem with the battle planner. I dont understand them. I would to ask you, how I need correctly the batlle planner in game? Example: Campaign with Zulu warriors - Rocker drifts - how do I set up these battle plans so that the other allies will obey me and follow them in this campaign? Here is the another link/tutorial? I'm looking for... but I have found nothing. :(

There is a tutorial about battle planner in the game, but it doesnt work according to the tutorial. The alliance don't move and nothing to do.

I from the CZ, I'm sorry about my english.

Thank you very much.



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Re: I need a help with the battle planner

Post by Dr.MonaLisa »

I'm worrying that these war plans are mostly for Multiplayer games, where real, non-AI players can understand and follow them. AI, especially on EE: AOS, has got some functions that make AI follow war plan lines, but it's hard to understand and hard to determine.

Campaigns however, like the Zulu Turning Point, are scripted. Your allies follow the commands from the .ies script, so they won't listen to any war plan. They just follow guidelines from the scenario script, and most likely even their AI behaviour is paused.
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