Units' convertation

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Units' convertation

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Dear Mona!
I faced with cosmetic problem, kind of. I've try to find the answer with the searching on the forum, but I found nothing. So the point is: during the units' convertation with the help of priests or special power of leader the skin/appearance of the unit changing to the nation of my player. For example, I played for British XII epoch and AI played for Chinese V. I used the priests' convertation power at the citizen and his appearance changed to the British XII (not Chinese XII, as it should be, I expect). The same problem with the building convertation. When British XII infantry besiege Turkish VII town-center it converts and changes to simplle British XII town-center(( Is it possiblee to fix it, please? Because all the atmospheare of the RP-playing dissapear because of that problem. Thousands of thanks for your help :D :D :D

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Re: Units' convertation

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Hi. From what I know it was this way in ver. 1.0 of Empire Earth II, but they changed it later with the official patch 1.1 or 1.2. So it was an intended change by developers, possibly due to detected problems.
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