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Still lagging

Posted: 08 Sep 2020, 19:10
by Herbert50
Hello together,

since I have EE2, i had 3 different pc and the game always lagged. Even now despite my strong system.

I know it is a "common" problem and I have already red here, that the game ist just bad programmed. But i hope that somenone have found a way. I really like the game but these fps drops are awful. I have installed the patch 1.5 from here but it did not solve the problem.

My pc: GeForce 1070 Ti and Ryzen 5 2600

I would be glad about help.

Re: Still lagging

Posted: 09 Sep 2020, 12:25
by Dr.MonaLisa
As described in:

The lags are usually caused by the AI players. In Multiplayer mode, it's much better.
EE2 uses a single CPU core, so what matters for this game to run better is a high single-core boost, instead of the amount of cores.

Can you compare your performance, with the videos on my YouTube channel?
I use Ryzen 7 2700X. If it's the same, then there is nothing more that can be done.

Also, please make sure that DirectX 9 is enabled in UP1.5 Settings. It improves the performance by +5%.