What to do when military units stop moving / don't react on any commands in Empire Earth 2?

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What to do when military units stop moving / don't react on any commands in Empire Earth 2?

Post by Dr.MonaLisa »

Many players report a problem, where military units stop moving and don't react on any commands given.
The main reason why players are reporting this problem, is because they skip the Tutorial Missions (in the Campaign menu) where it's all explained.

Anyway, this is not a bug / problem. This is an useful feature called: "Coordinated Attack".
To explain how to "fix" your problem, first you need to be aware of 3 things:
- The Coordinated Attack can be started and then issued by the same button / hotkey.
- On Unofficial Patch 1.5, the activation hotkey is CTRL + ' (CTRL + APOSTROPHE).
- It can be also activated, by clicking on the Coordinated Attack icon, under Mini-map, in the bottom-left part of the screen.

The screenshot below shows (in red frames) a button, and the information displayed in game, when the Coordinated Attack is currently listening for orders:
Schermopname_25.png (3.73 MiB) Viewed 5335 times
If you can see the same information icon (as seen in the top-left part of the screenshot), then the coordinated attack is currently listening for your orders. That's why military units don't move and don't follow your actions, until you press the button (or hotkey) again.

The Coordinated Attack is an extremely useful thing. I personally use it for Coordinated Nuclear Attacks, where I can switch Missile Siloses (using the CTRL+SHIFT+N hotkey), then clicking the right mouse button on enemy's buildings / units. After the Coordinated Attack button/hotkey is pressed, all nuclear missiles start at exactly the same time. It makes it harder (and sometimes impossible) for enemy's Anti-Missiles to intercept all incoming missiles.
You can watch the following YouTube video to understand better what the coordinated attack means

If you have any further questions regarding this problem, please feel free to post a reply in this topic.
Best regards,
Ministry of Game Affairs
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