AI availability in multiplayer

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AI availability in multiplayer

Post by GenadoVenado »

Hi everyone,
My cousins and i were taking a nostagia trip with EE2 and discovered the 1.5 patch witch allowed us to play and specially do multiplayer. The only concern of us is that AI don't seem to be available in multiplayer so we can get a bit distracted from murdering ourselves. So thats the question, are we missing something? is it possible to have AI in mp matches? how?
thanks in advance

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Re: AI availability in multiplayer

Post by Dr.MonaLisa »

Thanks for posting this question. I have seen it was asked a few times before on the Support Chat.

Of course, AI players are available in Multiplayer with Unofficial Patch 1.5. You need to host an "Unrated" game.
1. On the Multiplayer Lobby, click on the "CREATE GAME" button.
2. Under "Game Name" there are few other options. Change the "Rating Type" from "Skirmish" or "Tournament" to "Unrated".
3. Click on the another "Create" button.
4. Change the "Player Type" from "Open" to "AI..." in slots which you want to be filled by AI players.

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Good luck!
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