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Posted: 04 Nov 2017, 09:13
by Traderhut Games

I've been playing EE1 and EE2 for a decade or so under Mac OS-X / Parallels running a Win-XP VM. It has been running about perfectly... Ok, well, some video issues on the startup, but I've seen it once and am fine just clicking through it. (sound is off)

I installed the patch, it threw an exception about not being able to find a method to Get Logical Processor Information (Kernel32.dll) (I assume it is a Post XP API Call to the OS), and clicked OK. I told it to run the config program and Windows Blue Screened and rebooted.

After a nice reboot, When I ran the program, it gives the same error And/or it blue screens. It seems to be just blue screening the OS since the last blue screen.

Is XP supported? I'd hate to go from a 6 GB VM to a 30 GB VM to run this app, but it does seem cool - we have always just been running the original game without any mods.

if you can help, that would be great!


Re: WinXP?

Posted: 04 Nov 2017, 15:01
by Dr.MonaLisa
Windows XP Service Pack 3 is supported by UP1.5 Launcher (video):
Could you please show the screenshot showing the error message?

Make sure your Windows XP has Service Pack 3 installed, because according to: ... 2147217396 the "GetLogicalProcessorInformation" function requires it.
I checked the Launcher source code and I doesn't make any calls to the "GetLogicalProcessorInformation" function (in my source), so it must be called by some other function which I am not able to detect nor modify.
You can download Service Pack 3 here: ... pack-3-sp3