Cease fire on LAN

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Cease fire on LAN

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I've been playing in LAN with few of my buddies and we were wondering if there is a way to put cease fire over 15min with some mod or stuff?

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Re: Cease fire on LAN

Post by Dr.MonaLisa »

Ceasefire over 15 minutes? No, it's impossible. But really who needs over 15 minutes for building? xD
We were trying to add more ceasefire options with unofficial patch 1.4, unfortunately we didn't find the way to add more time options.

Anyway, if you want, you can try to edit this file:
Sierra\Empire Earth II\zips\hdrs.zip\DbHdrs\DbFrontEndDefs.h

There is something like:

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ENUM eCeaseFireTime{
But if I remember good, then adding/changing these values didn't take any effect in game.
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