Need help downloading EE2.

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Need help downloading EE2.

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Soooo.. I got new computer and I checked my EE2 CD's, I got 2 copys of each and 2 keys but the CD's wont work, well they look quite awful too. Yea im messy.

But where could I get EE2? What would work nicely and I could enter that Key there Image

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Re: Need help downloading EE2.

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What language version of Empire Earth II would you like to install?

The topic about "Downloading" EE2 is there: ... ad-the-ee2
If you will need a CD-KEY, then it's there: ... nd-offline

Tell me a language of the version you want to install, so I'll find links to download for you.

Check also this topic: ... rientation - There is an Orientation which may help you to repair the CD.
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