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by asd
26 Jun 2010, 19:41
Forum: Wanna join ~eW`?
Topic: ASD
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<t>I know I'm not as good as EE2 gods Samir and Shenlong, so I would like to be admitted into the training academy to become masters of the game like them.<br/> <br/> In what year were you born?<br/> <br/> 1992<br/> <br/> Where are you from?<br/> <br/> USA<br/> <br/> How long do you play Empire Eart...
by asd
26 Jun 2010, 19:35
Forum: General Talking
Topic: MonaLisaIsYourLeader
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Re: MonaLisaIsYourLeader

Lol at me and Pedro cheating. No one on the game beats us consistently, no need to cheat rank. If we wanted 10k accounts we could have 'em.

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